Readers Question

I recently received this question from a reader.

I want software if possible. How can I get a dynamic IP address. 
I want to mask up my IP address in all the locations possible in the internet. 
I want to be invisible to everyone that looks up my IP address besides big companies. 
I will buy a Cyber Sleuth program if necessary. 
How can you use mirrors to cover up ex: I want to use a mirror from Russia so if they look me up it redirects them to another page. 
Also I want something that covers up my IP address and spits out random ones so every time they want to get my IP they get a different one every time.

Thanks for the question, reader! In this day and age, internet privacy is hard to come by. Here’s my answer.

There is no way to become 100% untraceable on the internet. There’s always ways of tracing back to the source. 

Changing your IP addresses is something that is usually managed by your ISP (Dynamic IP). Changing your network card MAC or your router MAC address is one way of forcing your ISP’s DHCP to issue a new IP address. You can also call your ISP and request that your IP address be changed but I bet they wouldn’t allow you to do that everyday whenever you wanted. Also note that ISP’s keep track of ever IP that has ever been leased to your account so changing it does not necessarily mean if someone comes looking for the old IP your ISP is going to say I don’t know who that is. 

The most common way people hide their IP is by using a proxy or VPNs connections. Basically what happens is some other source requests the information and then sends it to you. Sometimes people setup multiple proxy’s or VPNs so the information bounces around the net making it hard to find who really requested it. 

You don’t have to worry about people looking up your IP because all they’re going to get is the country, state, and town its located in. Your name is not given away by your ISP unless there is a court order issued which normally doesn’t happen unless you’ve gotten into legal trouble.

Did we get something wrong? Did you enjoy this post or find it helpful? Leave your thoughts!

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