Texting and Driving

One of the most distracting activities, which will take your eyes off the road the longest, is texting while driving. When you text behind the wheel, you are 23x more likely of being in an accident.

5 seconds is the average amount of time your eyes are off the road while texting, and 1 second is all it takes to be in a wreck. Simply reaching for your phone to dial, or even plug it in to charge takes your eyes off the road, increasing the likelihood of a crash. I have heard of people who, while on the job, went to plug their phone into the charger while driving. Said person swerved, over-corrected, and killed a girl; simply because they tried to plug in their phone.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard about a driver at a stop light start texting, and not even realize that their foot came off the brake a little….then crash…right into the stopped car in front of them. A slow crash, no one is hurt, but was the cost of the damage worth it?

I see short video clips on Instagram of people dancing and singing while they film themselves while behind the wheel. I want to scream at my computer, “YOU DUMB MORON! YOU’RE GOING TO KILL SOMEONE!” because their vanity and posting to their followers trumps the safety of others as well as their own. How selfish is that?!

How can you stop texting and driving? Simple – DON’T DO IT! You are in control of what you do and the choices you make. But what about when you’re the passenger in a car with a distracted driver; how do you stop them then?

When your friend is texting and driving (or facebooking/tweeting/etc), ask them if you can help. Offer to write their text for them if it’s truly that important. You can also suggest they pull to the side of the road and park if their texting is time sensitive and it’s a matter of life or death that they must respond at that exact moment.

“People will tell you over and over again, “It’s not your fault,” but knowing that you were the person she was talking to when she was killed…having a highway patrol officer write in a report that a text message sent at 12:05 is the reason that she is dead is not something that will ever go away.”

Did we get something wrong? Did you enjoy this post or find it helpful? Leave your thoughts!

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