Intensify PRO

Intensify PRO is a professional-level image editor made for Mac and designed for fun.


As a new-found photographer, I’m always looking to get an edge. Whether it be lenses, filters, angles, or anything that floats my boat. But capturing the picture is only the first part. You want it to look the best it can, don’t you? Well, thats where Intensify PRO comes in.


TUAW calls it “A powerful image editor for Mac OS X” but they’ve only scratched the surface. I’ll give you an example.

This photo was taken with my Sony SLT-A37 with a DT 18-55mm lens in RAW (ARW 2.3) format.

That’s the power of Intensify PRO. Those scenes where it’s so-close-but-not-enough are now share-worthy. All those pictures you wish were crisper? Clearer? Brighter? Sharper? More colorful? Darker? Lighter? Just use Intensify PRO.



In short, Intensify PRO is the dream software for a photographer. It’s quick, fluid, and easy to use without the size factor of Aperture or the lagging of Photoshop, Lightroom, or iPhoto.


There are a few bugs and missing features that I must gripe about. One, all my photos are taken in RAW format. It’s a requirement if I want to get close-up clarity when zooming. Have you ever tried to export over 2,000 RAW photos? It took a while. I know people who have libraries pushing against 2.5 TB! Try exporting that! I wish that Intensify PRO would let me load pictures directly from my iPhoto Library so I wouldn’t have to export them all. I also wish Intensify PRO offered same-app integration with Snapheal PRO. One stop awesomeness.


I’ll give Intensify PRO 4.5/5 stars. Easy 5 if there was the iPhoto integration and Snapheal PRO integration.


Also, to the devs at MacPhun: May I suggest a panorama editor? You guys do the math 🙂



Did we get something wrong? Did you enjoy this post or find it helpful? Leave your thoughts!

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