Auto Tech: Tesla Motors

Remember the big news story about how hybrids were doing so well? What, you don’t? Oh, that’s because it never happened. We’ve had more issues with hybrids than we thought possible. The Nissan Leaf and its exploding battery. The Toyota Prius Hybrid and the “braking control lost” incident. Remember looking out the window and seeing some pour soul flying down the road,  continually accelerating because his brakes wouldn’t work?  We’ve all been there. But there is a company that aims to change all of that, and its called “Tesla Motors”.

Just recently, Tesla Motors released the Model S.  But first, what are some of the reasons you didn’t get a hybrid? The whole “no gas in an emergency” thing? Not an issue. The Model S allows 2 options to get you juiced up and on the road. Here they are.

1. Supercharger Station
      The Tesla Supercharger Station is a gray, oval like pillar with red detailing. We weren’t able to find out if the charger was conductive or inductive, but Tesla says “20 minutes charge time”. The Tesla Supercharger Stations are free to all Tesla owners.

2. The Tesla Battery Swap Station.
       Late for a meeting or just don’t want to wait 20 minutes? If you’ve got a Model S, then swap! Here’s how it works. You simply drive into one of their fully automated “Swap Bays” and a robot swaps the battery for you. It takes 91 seconds and you’ve got a full battery. This service does cost, though. I mean, you’re swapping batteries. That causes wear and tear on the systems that perform the swap.

Tesla Motors, at one of their press conferences, showed a comparison video. In the time that it took to fill an Audi up at the fastest gas station in LA (10 gallons per minute), the Tesla Robot was able to swap out at least 2 batteries. And just think, you’re still standing in the cold weather, waiting for the gas to finish. Tesla’s get it easy.

Tesla Motors will soon be releasing a car that will retail for around $30,000 and still have access to the SuperCharger service. For a full electric car, that’s pretty cheap.

Personally, I think that Tesla Motors has a great idea, a great design, and a great platform. But their weakest link is the charging.  They haven’t expanded everywhere yet, but they are selling cars everywhere. An electric car is no good if it can’t charge. Tesla needs to change its focus to their charging stations. Expand, then offer the product. Its like selling a home with no key, or a speed boat with no engine.

***Authors note***

Thank you for reading this, guys and girls. We are so close to 4,000 hits, which is a milestone I never thought this blog could make. I’ve started planning some big changes and you’ll get a post when they are ready to carry out. I’m currently moving right now so all posts are made from my Nexus 7, but I’m doing the best I can. Thanks again, guys. We’re on the road to 4,000 and we’ve almost arrived. 

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